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5mm Greenlight Waterproof LED Outdoor Track Lighting

5mm Greenlight Waterproof LED Outdoor Track Lighting

Standard LEDs-Through Hole LED 5mm Green Lens Diffused Light for Traffic Light and Signal and indicator.


Since year 2002, G&H has been well-known in the world as one of the professional standard leds-through hole led thru-hole 5mm green lens diffused light manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come and get our customized service. We will do our best to make you 100% satisfactory.

5mm Greenlight Waterproof LED Outdoor Track Lighting

Size: 5mm.
Type: Round.
Emitting Color: Green.
Lens Color: Green Diffused, Water Clear.
Choice of Types: Oval, Square, Flat Top, Straw Hat, Cylindrical.
Choice of Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Amber.
Applications: Indoor, Outdoor Lighting, Triffic Lights, Monitor etc..
Advantages: RoHS Approved, Well Consistency, High-brightness, Low Loss, Bins Sorting, Selecting, Full-inspection before Dispatch, Prompt Delivery.

Package Dimensions


1. All dimensions are in millimeters

2. Tolerance is ±0.2mm unless otherwise noted.



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