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5mm Low Power Oval Red Blinking Circuit Board For LED Lights

5mm Low Power Oval Red Blinking Circuit Board For LED Lights


5mm Low Power Oval Red Through Hole LED Key Specifications / Features

ProductResin Colorλd (nm)Vf(v)Iv(mcd)Viewing Angle
GHR605ARed Diffused630/635/6402.0/2.1/2.53.5/5.0/7.025
GHR605A-4ARed Diffused6351.8/2.1/2.56.0/8.0/1025
GHR605A-6ARed Diffused625/630/6351.7/1.85/2.512/16/2045
GHR605A-1BRed Diffused617/622/6271.7/1.85/2.58.0/12/--100
GHR605A-4BRed Diffused630/635/6401.9/2.1/2.55.0/7.0/--20
GHR605A-4DRed Diffused7001.9/2.1/2.52.0/3.5/--30
GHR605AD-1ARed Diffused7001.8/2.05/2.51.5/3.5/--100
GHR605AD-BDRed Diffused7001.9/2.1/2.52.0/3.5/--30
GHR705ARed Diffused6601.6/1.75/2.350/75/--20
GHR705A-2ARed Diffused620/625/6301.8/1.95/2.5150/200/--25
GHR705A-3ARed Diffused638/643/6481.7/1.85/2.580/110/--30
GHR705A-4ARed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.525/40/--30
GHR705A-1BRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.525/35/--70
GHR705A-2BRed Diffused6301.6/1.9/2.5400/500/60020
GHR705A-1CRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.315/20/--60
GHR705A-3CRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.540/60/--25
GHR705A-4CRed Diffused622/627/6321.8/2.0/2.550/80/--110
GHR705A-4DRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.8/2.518/30/--90
GHR705A-1ERed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.8/2.560/90/--30
GHR705A-4HRed Diffused6431.5/1.6/1.82.0/4.0/--40
GHR705AD-2ARed Diffused620/625/6301.8/1.95/2.5200/260/--22
GHR705AD-4BRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.340/60/--25
GHR705AD-2CRed Diffused6241.7/2.0/2.41950
GHR705AD-4DRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.310/15/--90
GHR705AD-4HRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.520/35/--45
GHR705AK-2ARed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.58020
GHR705AZ-4BRed Diffused638/643/6481.6/1.75/2.535/55/--20
GHR705B-1CRed Clear620/625/6301.8/1.9/2.560/90/--100
GHR705B-2BRed Clear6221.7/1.85/2.550/100/--35
GHR705B-4CRed Clear638/643/6481.6/1.7/2.5200/300/--10

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Since year 2002, G&H has been well-known in the world as one of the professional 5mm low power oval red blinking circuit board for led lights manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come and get our customized service. We will do our best to make you 100% satisfactory.
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