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SMD LED Heating Hardening

SMD Adhesive Surface Adhesive (SMA, Surface mount Adhesives) for the wave and reflux, mainly used to fix the components on the printed board, generally with a point of glue or steel screen printing method to allocate, to maintain the components on the printed circuit board (PCB) position, Ensure that components are not lost during the delivery of the assembly line.

Put on the components after the oven or reflow machine heating hardening. It is not the same as the so-called solder paste, once the heating hardening, SMD LED reheat will not dissolve, that is to say, the hot hardening process of adhesive tape is irreversible. The effect of SMT patch adhesive will vary depending on the heat curing condition, the connection, the equipment used and the operating environment. The use of the production process to select the patch adhesive.

SMD Adhesive Component PCB assembly used in most of the surface patches (SMA) are epoxy resin (epoxies), although there is also polypropylene (acrylics) for special purposes. SMD LED After the introduction of high-speed drip glue system and the electronics industry to grasp how to deal with the shelf life of relatively short products, epoxy resin has become the world's more mainstream glue technology.

Epoxy resins generally provide good adhesion to a wide range of circuit boards and have very good electrical properties. The main ingredients are: the base material (that is, SMD LED the main high material materials), fillers, curing agents, and other additives.

The drop gum method SMA may use the syringe drip gum method, SMD LED the needle transfer method or the model printing method to apply to the PCB. The use of needle-transfer method is less than 10% of all applications, it is the use of needle array dipped in the plastic tray.

Then the suspended plastic drops are transferred as a whole onto the board. These systems require a lower viscous adhesive and have a good resistance to moisture absorption because it is exposed to the indoor environment.

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