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LED Holder Selection Is Very Important

Led by its environmental protection and energy saving, long life and small size of the characteristics of the market favored, in our lives almost everywhere. In the application of LED lighting, led bracket is a very important component, it is not only a chip carrier, but also play the role of heat conduction, LED Holder conductive, so the selection of the components is very importance.

Traditional led stent is made of metal and ceramics, but with the market's lightweight and cost-oriented lighting, new engineering Plastics has become the main raw material of LED bracket. High-temperature Special nylon (PPA) is the first application of LED lighting SMD Support Engineering Plastics.

As the market competition intensifies, the cost and price become the main competitive means, which makes the low price of modified high-temperature nylon and related water mouth material widely used in LED bracket, but this kind of plastic in the heat-resistant, yellowing resistance and other properties can not meet the high quality of LED lighting products requirements, Most of the stent products produced by the use of the high temperature tolerance, easy deformation, yellowing, low reflectivity and mechanical strength decline, not only affect the product life, LED Holder and "pull down" the product aesthetic. What's the good of it?

The high performance Engineering plastics of LED brackets have been able to solve these problems. This polyking HT series of materials not only has a very high initial brightness and long-term yellowing resistance, but also long time to maintain high light reflection, after reflow soldering, LED Holder such as high-temperature and ultraviolet treatment, can still maintain high whiteness and reflectivity; in terms of air tightness, the product also performed well, The use of the LED stent can be produced through rigorous red ink penetration test, low hygroscopicity, in the humid environment with good dimensional stability. It is worth mentioning that this series of materials also has high crystallization rate and crystallinity, as well as better fluidity, LED Holder suitable for rapid prototyping.

In the application of LED lighting, led bracket is a very important component, it is not only the chip carrier, but also play the role of heat conduction, conductive, so its selection is very importance

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