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LED Holder S Reason

LED is welded to the aluminum substrate with a soldering iron, and it has been lit for a short time and then wrapped in white paper for about one year. It is found that the inside seems to be black (but when it is not clear, LED Holder After re-find out to see). The silver layer of the exposed part of the LED bracket did not turn black. It seems that the colloid seems to become transparent.

It can be seen that the discolored part only occurs on the metal below the fluorescent glue and the metal under the white plastic shell that does not contact the fluorescent glue is essentially silver.

Removal of the discolored part with the needle, then exposed silver white. Obviously, not the silver is corroded by the consumption of light after the exposed base copper. If silver is consumed, LED Holder the surface should not be copper, but should be silver compounds.

From the color of the discolored material, there are roughly blue and copper. The material of these colors is not a silver compound. There is no blue substance in the silver compound. LED Holder The blue substance is a copper compound. The red matter is copper, which is due to the migration of copper atoms to the silver layer.

According to the information, the blue material may be due to some organic silicone vulcanization produced by some of the by-products, such as oxime, hydrochloric acid, LED Holder ammonia, low-volatile small molecule siloxane. Among them, the low volatility of small molecules such as siloxanes on the metal will have an impact, oxime corrosion of copper. It can be inferred that the blue material is due to the use of some of the silica gel generated by the reaction of the by-product produced with copper.

1. The copper of the stent metal substrate migrates above the silver-plated layer, resulting in an internal "black" appearance from the outside, LED Holder and a nickel layer of sufficient thickness between copper and silver should be added.

2. The colloidal material used is inappropriate, resulting in a reaction with copper.

3. The internal metal discoloration, the reasons for the different circumstances are more complex, this case is only one of a variety of conditions. Should be judged by experience to the general judgment.

LED bracket as the lamp beads of the substrate is an important material LED lamp beads, is the LED chip carrier, the bracket is responsible for the role of heat and conduction, LED Holder lamp beads thermal resistance, the initial non-performing rate. There are a lot of SMD disconnection due to the design of the LED bracket defects and defects caused by quality.

Depending on the application of different lamp beads type, in fact, different types of LED stent caused by different types of LED. Specific categories are: in-line bracket, LED Holder patch bracket, high power bracket, flat bracket and COB bracket. LED stent due to the need for conductive and thermal, so will use the metal as a substrate. At the same time, some areas need to do insulation treatment, LED Holder which requires the use of engineering plastics. Therefore, the general LED bracket is formed by metal stamping and then injection molding. LED as a light-emitting diode, the need for the metal surface plating treatment, LED Holder silver as a good light reflective material, so the general LED silver plating surface treatment.

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