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LED Holder Classification

LED bracket, LED light bead is in the base of the base of the package, on the base of LED bracket, the chip is fixed in, welding the positive and negative electrode, and then encapsulated glue once encapsulated forming. Led bracket is usually made of copper (iron material, aluminum and ceramic, etc.), because the conductivity of copper is very good, it will be a lead inside, to connect the led lamp bead internal electrode, led lamp bead encapsulation after forming, lamp bead can be removed from the bracket, the end of the lamp bead copper feet became the lamp bead is negative, namely is used for welding to the led lamps and lanterns, or other led products.


According to the principle, there are two kinds: Lamp (with cup bracket) and large Angle astigmatism (flat head bracket).

A, 2002 cup/flat head: this kind of bracket is generally made for the Angle, the requirement is not very high material, its Pin length is about 10mm shorter than other supports. The Pin spacing is 2.28 mm.

B, 2003 cup/flat head: generally used for Lamp of phi 5 or above, the external pin length is & NBSP; & have spent + 29 mm, 27 mm. The Pin spacing is 2.54 mm.

C, 2004 cup/flat head: the Lamp used to do phi 3 or so. Pin length and spacing with 2003 bracket.

D, to make blue, white, pure green, purple Lamp, solder double line, cup is deep.

E, 2006: both poles are flat heads for flashing Lamp, solid IC and multiple lines.

F: 2009: used as a two-color Lamp with two or three pins in the cup.

G: 2009-8/3009: it is used for Lamp with three colors, with three chips and four pin pins. H: 724-b / 724-c: used as a scaffold for piranhas.

2. According to LED packaging products: hi-power, Top View, Side View, special bracket, etc.

1. Small power is developed to high power

As improvement of brightness LED products, LED products gradually from low power to develop in the direction of high power, small size panel back light and indoor lighting new application domain expands gradually, such as high brightness leds at the growth stage, the proportion of increase gradually, has become a mainstream of LED products, SMT associated with each type LED bracket of precision by small power also increase in the direction of high power. At present, the high-power surface mounted LED precision support is mainly produced by Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

2. Development of lighting to industrial applications

With the development of LED products from lighting to backlight, the supporting surface mounted LED precision supports should also meet the requirements of high efficiency solid light source. At present, SMT type LED precision support mainly from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries and regions, have developed efficient solid light source surface mounted LED precision stent products, technology has reached the international advanced level.

3. The power consumption is getting lower and lower

LED products themselves are more and more efficient, and the surface mounted LED precision scaffolds are designed to reduce the power consumption of LED products and demand higher requirements for heat dissipation and concentrated light.

4. Efficient production

The application of LED products is more and more extensive, the dosage is huge, the traditional production mode is low, the cost is high, can not adapt to the development of the industry. The high starting point of the surface mounted LED precision support products is to be made in automatic production to reach the international advanced level.

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