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LED Holder Classification

LED bracket, LED light bead is in the base of the base of the package, on the base of LED bracket, the chip is fixed in, welding the positive and negative electrode, and then encapsulated glue once encapsulated forming.

Led bracket is usually made of copper (iron material, aluminum and ceramic, etc.), because the conductivity of copper is very good, it will be a lead inside, to connect the led lamp bead internal electrode, led lamp bead encapsulation after forming, lamp bead can be removed from the bracket, the end of the lamp bead copper feet became the lamp bead is negative, namely is used for welding to the led lamps and lanterns, or other led products.

LED type and specification

LED stents are usually inserted with LED supports, such as the LED bracket of piranhas, and the LED brackets and high-power LED brackets:

And upright is usually use most, including 02 short feet, 03 do big Angle of red and yellow, 04 ld do blue green white, also have the A5 and A6 white light, the A7, A8 big cup bottom, 06 do flat, 09 do two-color three-color, etc.

The size of the LED bracket has some influence on the luminescence intensity or the Angle of luminescence, and its heat dissipation has a direct relationship with the optical properties and service life of the LED.

The LED patch support market SIDE VIEW 335 008 020 010, HIGH POWER TO220 LUXEON 1-7w and so on, there are many special specifications due to the lack of uniformity of their respective specifications.

Classification of LED brackets

1. According to the principle, there are two kinds: Lamp (with cup bracket) and large Angle astigmatism (flat head bracket). For example: A, 2002 cup/flat head: this kind of stents are generally not very high in the Angle and requirement, and the Pin length is about 10mm shorter than the other brackets. The Pin spacing is 2.28 mm. B, 2003 cup/flat head: generally used for Lamp of phi 5 or above, the external pin length is & NBSP; & NBSP; + 29 mm, 27 mm. The Pin spacing is 2.54 mm. C, 2004 cup/flat head: the Lamp used to do phi 3 or so. Pin length and spacing with 2003 bracket. D, to make blue, white, pure green, purple Lamp, solder double line, cup is deep. E, 2006: both poles are flat heads for flashing Lamp, solid IC and multiple lines. F: 2009: used as a two-color Lamp with two or three pins in the cup. G: 2009-8/3009: it is used for Lamp with three colors, with three chips and four pin pins. H: 724-b / 724-c: used as a scaffold for piranhas.

The packaging of LED silver-plated stents should be opened to the following items

A, do not touch the stand with bare hands. Unarmed contact support, sweat will be attached to the bracket table, subsequent deposit or baking will accelerate stents coating color changing oxidation and rust oxide matrix, and if the unarmed contact support functions, the welding line effect is very poor;

B, the working environment should be kept constant, the control on ℃ or so, relative humidity, the working environment should be kept constant, control in around 25 ℃, relative humidity < 65% to prevent the oxidation of the bracket rust;

C. During the diurnal temperature difference, the air flow in the operating environment should be minimized, and the stent should be protected with no sulfur box or box.

D, LED bracket in the oven, while maintaining the normal operation of the oven, its exhaust port can be kept in the oven as long as possible.

E, in low temperature season, try to minimize the bare stents in the process of storage time, low temperature, low atmospheric pressure and at the same time, the air pollution index is higher, the environment temperature is lower, the exhaust gas produced by daily work to send out, and easy to lead to change color with silver hair biochemistry reaction.

F. The finished products should be tinned as soon as possible (including all plating products). Otherwise, it will be easy to have the lead oxidation of the lead, resulting in poor appearance and poor soldering. The appearance of the lead foot oxidation resulted in poor appearance and poor soldering.

G. Since the flux is acidic, the product will need to be cleaned thoroughly after soldering. The remaining material will be oxidized in a short time.

H, the preservation environment requirement after finished product, but because of the change of copper material material, very difficult to protect, but because of the change of copper material material material, the proof of the BAR of the card of young age palace is not rusty. Therefore, in order to improve the product grade, it is suggested that the incision should not be rusted. With semi - plated scaffolds, the finished semi-finished products are then plated with tin protection.

L. No more than four layers should be used for the use of stents to prevent gravity extrusion. Handle gently in the process; Apply the blade to the adhesive tape when unpacking.

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