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LED Backlight Panel The Display Screen

LED backlight refers to the use of LED (Light-emitting diode) as the backlight of the LCD screen, LED Backlight Panel and the LED backlight display is only the LCD backlight from the traditional CCFL cold light lamp (similar to the fluorescent lamp) over to the LED (Light-emitting diode). LED Backlight Panel The principle of liquid crystal imaging can be simply understood as, the external application of voltage so that the liquid crystal molecule deflection is like a gate-like blocking back light emitting light permeability, and then the light projected in different colors of color filters to form images.

LED display is a way to control the semiconductor light-emitting diode display, its approximate appearance is composed of a number of usually red light-emitting diodes, LED Backlight Panel by light extinction to display characters. Display screen for displaying text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, videos, video signals, etc.

OLED display because at the same time with the light, do not need backlight, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, rapid reaction, can be used for flex panels, the use of temperature range, construction and simple process, such as the outstanding characteristics of the next generation of flat-panel display technology.

Many netizens easily put OLED and current manufacturers hype more LED backlight together, in fact, OLED and LED backlight is a completely different display technology. OLED is through the current drive organic film itself to glow, the light can be red, green, blue, white and other monochrome, also can achieve full color effect. Therefore,LED Backlight Panel OLED is a different from the CRT, LED and liquid crystal technology, the new principle of light.

According to the user's request to the input signal, select different video processing system, realize VGA, composite video, video, YPBPR/YCBCR or DVI signal input, LED Backlight Panel satisfy different use situation, different signal input demand. Through the control software, we can realize the switching of all kinds of signals, the display of perfect screen, any combination display, image stretching display, image roaming display, image overlay display and so on.

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