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LED Backlight Panel Performance

LED backlight structure is divided into two kinds, single-series power supply or multiple series / parallel power supply. A single tandem power supply uses a lower constant current, LED Backlight Panel but the input power must be boosted to the total forward voltage level of the tandem power supply before the LED can be driven. On the contrary, multiple sets of tandem / parallel LED power supply, although the need for higher current to drive, but reduced the demand for high voltage. The difference in boost converter requirements depends on cost, complexity and energy conversion efficiency (for the user, the battery life is equivalent to the charge cycle). LED Backlight Panel Will ultimately determine the best solution based on the product characteristics, size and performance requirements of the device itself.

Size and height also create another technical limitation. A charge pump and inductive DC / DC boost solution with a high conversion frequency allows the use of smaller external components. In particular, the charge pump-based LED driver circuit, because the charge pump and parallel LED power supply only a small external capacitor, so will use the parallel LED power to reduce the size of external components. LED Backlight Panel Whether it is to reduce the size of the external component of the charge pump or the inductive solution, the most important consideration is the conversion frequency of the LED driver circuit.

In the small handheld devices, AMOLED is absolutely unstoppable trend, because these devices regardless of resolution and color reproduction, in all possible applications can have excellent performance. But because of cost considerations, coupled with the small number of suppliers on the market, the current use of AMOLED for the mainstream of the monitor has slowed down. In addition, if the AMOLED panel is greater than 5 inches, LED Backlight Panel for most portable products, the installation costs are usually too expensive.

There are a few devices on the market that use AMOLED, and the display size of these products falls between 3 and 5 inches. In the future, as the number of manufacturers increases and the cost of the display continues to decrease, LED Backlight Panel I think AMOLED monitors will be the mainstream of mobile applications. AnalogicTech has already supported the market and has taken the initiative to research power management solutions for such display technology.

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