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IR LED Receiving Mode

Infrared light emitting diode (led) is a kind of converts electrical energy into light energy of near infrared light-emitting devices, it has small volume, low power consumption, good directivity, and a series of advantages, extensive used for remote control, remote sensing, optical isolation, optical switches, photoelectric control, target tracking system.

Infrared led detection

Because of the infrared light emitting diode, it emits the infrared light of 1~3 mu m, which is invisible to the human eye. Usually single infrared light-emitting diode emitting diode is only a few mw, and different types of led light intensity Angle distribution are different. The positive pressure drop of infrared led is generally 1.3~2.5 v. It is because of its infrared emission, see not so visible led test can only determine the base of the above pn junction is, reverse electric properties is normal, and unable to determine its luminous normal, therefore, had better prepare a light-sensitive device (such as cr, 2 Dr Type silicon photocell) as a receiver. The variation of voltage on both ends of the battery is used. To determine whether infrared led and proper forward current will emit infrared light.

Receiving mode

There are two kinds of infrared emission and reception, one is direct injection and the other is reflection type. The direct injection means that the luminescent tube and the receiving tube are placed at opposite ends of the emission and the controlled substance, and the center is a certain distance from each other. Reflection type refers to the luminous tube and receiving tube tied together, at ordinary times the receiving tube has no light, only in the luminous tube infrared light encounters reflector, reflected infrared light receiving tube received didn't work.

Double - tube infrared emission circuit can improve the emission power and increase the distance of infrared emission.

Camera infrared led specification parameters interpretation

1. The wavelength of light, which is more visible than this number, we can still see the red dots. If it's 900 nanometers, you can't see it.

After 8000 hours, the strength decays to 85 percent

3, this is an automatic color into black and white camera, camera inadequate illumination need to repair when the light was too dim light, you are here with infrared light emitting diode (led) when lighting, because infrared light can't reflect the color color coding output only black and white so the camera is no longer for signal (luminance signal), the benefits is to cut the color coding of color noise. Is also further it is possible to have your camera in the double filter conversion efficiency, already was black and white signal will originally used for color calibration filter is cut away on infrared, so when the system feel led illumination is not enough to become open, cut off filter terminate color coding implementation time is 0.5 to 2 seconds. (you may not have a dual-filter switching effect, and you don't include sufficient conditions for dual filters.)

In turn, the black and white color change is the reverse process.

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