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940nm 3mm/5mm Flat Top Phototransistors Infrared LED

940nm 3mm/5mm Flat Top Phototransistors Infrared LED

940nm Infrared Transistors for Remote Control with Reach Standard PACKAGE DIMENSION Infrared Transmitter Module for Electronic Brick AVR PIC. Send code to another Electronic Brick or control a TV etc, with this module FEATURES Infrared emission control, also known as infrared emitting diode, it...


940nm 3mm/5mm Flat Top Phototransistors Infrared LED


Infrared Transmitter Module for Electronic Brick AVR PIC. Send code to another Electronic Brick or control a TV etc, with this module

Infrared emission control, also known as infrared emitting diode, it belongs to two Tube can be directly converted into electrical energy near-infrared light and a light emitting device can radiate out, its structure, with the general principle of the light emitting diode similar, but with a semiconductor Different materials;
The infrared receiver is set to receive, amplify, demodulate one of the devices, which has been completed within the demodulation IC output is a digital signal;

The principle of infrared communication.Let's look at the structure of the infrared receiver: infrared receiver inside there are two important elements, namely the IC and PD. IC is a receiver processing elements, mainly composed of silicon crystals and circuits, is a highly integrated device, the main To function as a filter, shaping, decoding, zoom and other functions. Photodiode PD is, the main function is to receive the optical signal Number.




Lens Color




Water Clear








Water Clear



Water Clear





*Do not open moisture proof bag before the products are ready to use.
*Before opening the package, the LEDshould be kept at 30℃ or less and 90%RH or less.
*The LEDshould be used within a year.
*After opening the package, the LEDshould be kept at 30℃ or less and 70%RH or less.
*The LEDshould be used within 168 hours (7 days) after opening the package.
*If the moisture adsorbent material (silica gel) has fabled away or the LEDhave exceeded the storage time, baking treatment should be performed using the following conditions. Baking treatment: 60±5℃ for 24 hours.


In order to meet the needs of customers and market, G&H always focus on the combination of products and application. Our LEDcomponents and lighting products mainly applied in six fields: Automotive, Consumer Appliances, Communication, Display, Industry and Lighting.


Our main goal is customerssatisfaction. We need to address the needs of our customers from the time they come in contact with us. It s easy for customers to interact with our team. We provide a range of options including email, social media, and phone numbers through which customers can reach us.


Please tell us some basic information about the products you need. Then our team will contact you to go over any details, and send you a quote. Our responses are swift and all questions will be answered within 24 hours.


We can offer free samples, but the shipping cost should be paid by the buyer. Please be noted: free samples items are from our regular items. Specified ones, will be including tooling and samples cost. Contact us for more details.


After receiving customersorder, a Proforma Invoice (PI) will be generated for customersacceptance. Upon receipt of confirmation of PI and deposit, we will proceed to mass production.The Production Lead Timeis about 2--3 weeks.


Please send us the defective reports with details. Products photos are necessary for a full analysis. Our QC staffs will test the left stock products and provide 8D report offering our solution firstly. To have further evaluation, we will also need your kind cooperation to send the defective ones back to our factory.


We have been cooperated with the high reputation forwarders for long time. We are able to offer the competitive shipping cost to save your time and money and let your orders safely arrived.

* Factory Exterior View

* Key Production Flow

*Key Production Flow

*Key Production Machinery


G&Hhas over 13 yearsexperience in OEM with acceptance from several world famous companies. We provide advantageous OEM services including effective management team and complete electronics manufacturing services.


Quality Policy
We are always committed to high quality products and never compromised quality. High quality products has helped G&;H to become one of the most reliable suppliers of this industry. To ensure success, quality management will take an important role in our corporate policy. Our goal is to increase the quality and reliability of ourproductsandservicesto add value for our customers.

Procedures/Testing Details:

• APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning • SQC: Supplier Quality Control
• IQC: Incoming Quality Control • PQC: Process Quality Control
• QE: Quality Engineer • FQC: Final Quality Control
• OQC: Outgoing Quality Control • CS: Customer Services

Key Test Instruments:

•LED Photo-electric Parameter Test Instrument •LED Flux Detector
•LED Waveform Measuring Instrument

LED Reliability Tester:

•High Low TemperatureTester •LED Salt Spray Tester •Life Span Testing


G&H s high reputation from customers on both global and China markets is due to its core capabilities which include manufacturing, quality control and product promotion. Contributing to G&H s success is its manufacturing efficiency and stable quality.
G&Hhas been able to lower its operating costs and increase its output efficiency and yield rate by maintaining its production equipment, continuously strengthening production procedures, optimizing inventory levels, and emphasizing factory management based on its strong foundation and its partnership with the customers.


We started our overseas market sales from 2004 year. It has been ten years exporting experience for our clients of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Our products have been widely used in the application of Automotive, Consumer Appliances, Communication, Display, Industry and Lighting.


For more than 10 years, we have delivered products and technological innovations to benefit customers in domestic and overseas markets. Big companies such as LG, HISENSE, MIDEA, LITEON, TPV and PROVIEW source from us.

Since year 2002, G&H has been well-known in the world as one of the professional 940nm infrared transistors for remote control with reach standard manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come and get our customized service. We will do our best to make you 100% satisfactory.



Looking for a world-class electronic components supplier that places as much emphasis on quality as you do? Then join the likes of Hisense, Midea, TPV in souring from us.

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